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So far, you have everything figured out. After taking the time to ponder, the time finally came for you to set up your own indoor garden. So, what better way than to pick a great indoor growing tent. For most people living in cities, it is impossible to grow plants due to the absence of an outdoor area. Naturally, you could literally feel the excitement grow as you take the plunge.

As you might know by now, there are many components to even a basic indoor garden. Because it appears more complicated that it actually is, there are people who decide that growing indoor is not for them. But we all understand that the unfamiliar could be scary, and until one puts in the time to learn, then it is not happening.

Now, one of the often-overlooked item on the list of things you need to build an indoor garden that works is something used to eliminate the odor from whatever plant you wish to grow.

Here is something you want to think about. While some plants do not smell bad outdoor, in a confined space, that may no longer be the case. Imagine now how much worse it is if the plant you are growing has a pungent and unpleasant odor?

As for those who are growing marijuana strains, there is a need to be discreet and the last you want is for neighbors to find out what you are up to. And this is where the use of an activated carbon charcoal filter such as the one sold by Amagabeli comes in. Set it up properly together with your inline fan and the air vented out through the duct should have no odor at all.

To avoid any mistakes in ordering the wrong size, it is important to know that this carbon charcoal odor control filter measures 7” x 11.8” with a 4” flange on both ends. Is this the right size for you? Amagabeli recommends using a 190-cfm fan, but there are others who have been using 100-cfm.

Another thing to consider is the weight. Since you are probably going to hang it inside the grow tent, be sure that it could support the weight of everything else you attached such as the grow light system and inline fan. This carbon filter from Amagabeli weighs 8 pounds.

The idea of using an activated carbon filter is simple. Depending on the type of reflector you are using, it could either be located near the top of the tent or inserted into the air-cooled tube of a reflector. The inline fan sucks out the air and vents it out of your house. But because the air passes through the odor control filter, the excreted air should be odorless.